SpeculativeEdu partners meeting in Rome

October 1, 2019

As part of the NeoRural Futures SpeculativeEdu event in Rome the third partners meeting was held on 5th of September.

Representatives of all partner institutions attended the meeting: Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi (HER); Ivica Mitrović (UNIST); Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič (ITD); Michael Smyth and Ingi Helgason (ENU); Matt Ward and Jimmy Loizeau (Goldsmiths); and Julian Hanna (MITI).

Partners discussed dissemination of the Rome event results and first project outcome (An overview of the Speculative Design landscape), as well as plans for the project’s second year (booklet and repository) with some additional/extra events (in collaboration with other projects and initiatives).

Stay tuned and join us at one of the forthcoming events and contribute to our Speculative Design landscape mapping.