My Neighbourhood, My City, group exhibition at Firminy, France, 15 October 2021

October 22, 2021

My Neighbourhood, My City, group exhibition at Firminy, France, 15 October 2021

Friday, 15 October, Saint-Pierre church, Site le Corbusier, Firminy, France

After the exhibition in Murska Sobota held in September, the new town plan produced during the Disco School workshop moved to a group exhibition entitled My neighbourhood, my city, held at the Saint-Pierre Church in Firminy, France.

The exhibition was presented on the occasion of the National Architecture Days in France.

Firminy has been a twin town with Murska Sobota since 2018. The two cities are linked by a special cultural bond between the architect Le Corbusier, who worked on a project in the Firminy-Vert neighbourhood, where he built a recreation centre for body and mind, while in Murska Sobota his influence is present and visible in the city centre, designed by his student Feri Novak (1906-1959).

The idea for the exhibition My neighbourhood, my city (Ma ville, mon quartier) was born at the intersection of these projects. As a testimony to these intertwined ties, the exhibition presents two projects by two groups of young people.

The kids and teenagers from Firminy-Vert worked with the girls from Chic, de l’Archi !, an association whose mission is to raise awareness among young people about urban planning, architecture and landscape, on their own reflections of what they like about their neighbourhood. They used photography and interviews to present how they live, use or move around it.

The kids from Murska Sobota presented Disco School, a semi-fictional town plan that aims to encourage the community to rethink the future of their city, taking into account the interests and views of children. By involving children in the process, activating their imagination and curiosity, the project stimulates their interest in living and participating in the community.

Read more about the Disco School project here.

The exhibition was organized by the Site Le Corbusier in collaboration with the Municipality of Murska Sobota, the Institute of Transmedia Design, Elementary School III Murska Sobota, the animation centre of Firminy-Vert and the association Chic de l’Archi !.



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