Jimmy Loizeau

February 18, 2019

Jimmy Loizeau is a lecturer of design at Goldsmiths’s internationally recognised Department of Design. His projects are intended to exist on, or just inside the peripheries of possibility. These new systems, schemes or products provide an altered view on how we might interact with infrastructures, technologies for better or for worse exploring design possibilities through inclusive speculation. Projects like the Afterlife Project (2002) offer contemporary systems for dealing with mortality proposing a chemical afterlife for the ‘new needs’ of ‘new believers’, the Audio Tooth Implant (2001) proposes the next stage of in body communications technology, the project was also deployed as a way to explore ways for the dissemination of issues surrounding technology through engagement with mass media. Recently projects such as The Illegal Town Plan (Twin Town) look at inclusive structures and strategies for local engagement and education through speculative town planning schemes which provide an inclusive platform to mediate communities engagement with local government. Since 2015 Loizeau has been working with refugee communities in France and Greece initiating numerous collaborations that explore archiving, mapping and media representation of communities, spaces the conditions and lives of people who have been forced to leave their countries.