Disco School’s (CO)HABITATION Exhibition: Children Shaping the Future of Our Cities

October 18, 2023

From reimagining cityscapes to addressing global challenges, Disco School is building a world where children are at the forefront of designing, leading and creating vibrant future cities.

Have you ever wondered what the future our cities would be like if children took the lead?

Last week, on October 12, 2023 at 6.30 PM, our team, in collaboration with the SSTR6 gallery in Vienna, a place for music and culture and home to the Vinylograph company, hosted a celebration of remarkable achievements from three years of Disco School workshops. This movement empowers children to step into the role of designers, leaders, and active citizens.

Through speculative design practices, over 500 children from eight schools in Austria, Slovenia, France and Chile, engaged with vital socio-cultural issues, all while envisioning the future of their city. Their shared vision took shape in Vienna through an exhibition titled “(CO)HABITATION”.

From local challenges like urban odors to global issues such as innovative currencies and progressive policies for safety, equality and prosperity, the young visionaries addressed a wide spectrum of topics.

Their work culminated in a semi-fictional town plan centered around the concept of (CO)HABITATION.

Key Highlights:

This exhibition was enriched with the (re)discovered design of Feri Novak, an architect who transformed Murska Sobota from a village into a city.

All of this was made possible thanks to all the dedicated teachers, talented artists and visionary experts who have come together to provide children with a safe platform to express their hopes and dreams, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

CURATORS: Sara Božanić, Michaela Landrichter, Matej Fišer

DESIGN: Oleg Šuran

SUPERVISION: Emma Dardeau, Marie Ganivet, Mateja Filipović-Sandalj, Vera Karina Gebhardt Fearns, Valentina Ripamonti, Florencia Larrea, Antonia Valenzuela, Fernando Silva, Mayte Alé

Disco School (CO)HABITATION Exhibition was organized by the Institute for Transmedia Design and Kenyongasse AHS in collaboration with the Municipality of Murska Sobota, City Municipality Firminy, the Site Le Corbusier, Elementary School III Murska Sobota, Ecole de La Tardive, Ecole du Stade, Collège Les Bruneaux, Collège Waldeck-Rousseau Firminy, France, and St. Margaret’s School, Chile, the Slovenian Culture and Information Centre (SKICA), 500 Nanómetros, Centro de Padres y Apoderados, Vienna Design Week and Academia, Maribor.