Max Mollon: Let’s move beyond the limits of critical, speculative and fictional design

James Auger and Ivica Mitrović talk with Max Mollon, organizer of Parisian speculation, design and debate communities about his research in designing for debate.

Sohail Inayatullah: We see the future as a learning journey, not as a site of prediction

Sara Božanić talks with Professor Sohail Inayatullah on the methods and the importance of futures oriented education and practice.

Phil Balagtas: Speculation has never been more alive

Ivica Mitrović talks with the founder of The Design Futures Initiative, home of the Speculative Futures meetups and PRIMER conferences.

Ingi Helgason: Speculative Design is being integrated into education in diverse ways

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Ingi Helgason about Speculative Design in research and education.

Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico: We’ve transformed ourselves into a Speculative Design project

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team members Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico about the state of Speculative Design in Italy.

Paolo Cardini: Cultural determinism as an alternative to technological determinism

Sara Božanić talks with Paolo Cardini about the importance of responsible Speculative Design education and practice.

Francisco Laranjo: We don’t need Speculative Design education, just better design education

Francisco Laranjo, editor of the design criticism journal Modes of Criticism, reflects on Speculative Design practice.

Trojan Horse: Concrete actions are not necessarily a grandiose intervention

Ivica Mitrović talks with Trojan Horse, an autonomous educational platform from Helsinki, about alternative models of design education.

Julian Hanna: Manifestos are also critiques of the present

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Julian Hanna about manifesto writing, crossing disciplinary boundaries, and Speculative Design.

Deepa Butoliya: There is no prescriptive way to do Speculative and Critical Design

James Auger interview with Deepa Butoliya, researcher and assistant professor at Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.

Jimmy Loizeau: Speculation needs to be inclusive or it risks being bourgeois and elitist

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member and Speculative Design pioneer Jimmy Loizeau on the importance of responsible practice.

J. Paul Neeley: After the speculation is where the real work begins

James Auger talks with London based designer and researcher J. Paul Neeley about “closing the loop”.

Søren Rosenbak: We need to see pata-designers coming out of education

Ivica Mitrović talks with Søren Rosenbak, designer, researcher and educator, about the present pandemic and the current state and future paths of Speculative Design.

Matt Ward: All design is speculative

Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič talk with SpeculativeEdu partner Matt Ward about Speculative Design education and the SpeculativeEdu project.

James Auger: Design essentially needs a revolution

A talk with James Auger on the importance of Speculative Design practice and ways of moving it beyond educational environments and galleries with Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič.

Scott Smith: The best way to deal with grim futures is to stare them in the face

Julian Hanna talks with Scott Smith, futurist and founder of Changeist.

Michael Smyth: Our challenge is to convey passion through the materials we produce

A talk with SpeculativeEdu partner Michael Smyth with Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič on key challenges and benefits of Speculative Design practice.

Ana Jeinić: The tendency to read the potential of “salvation” into disaster is questionable in many respects

Ivica Mitrović and James Auger talk with the independent architectural researcher, educator, curator, and utopianist based in Graz and Banjaluka.

Dunne & Raby: Designers need to recognise their limitations and work with them

James Auger in conversation with Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, pioneers of Critical Design.

Cameron Tonkinwise: Creating visions of futures must involve thinking through the complexities

James Auger talks with Cameron Tonkinwise, one of Speculative and Critical Design’s fiercest and most insightful critics, about future paths of the approach.

Benedikt Groß: Speculative and Critical Design were always kind of an outside position

“Antidisciplinary” Speculative and Computational Designer from Germany talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović.

Tobias Revell: Speculative Design has become separated from its critical origins

The artist, designer and educator at London College of Communication talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović about Speculative Design.

Jan Boelen: Formulated and decontextualized futures can become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Artistic director of Z33 House for Contemporary Art and educator at Design Academy Eindhoven talks with James Auger about the state of Speculative Design.

Nicolas Nova: We are interested in mundane situations to express futures

The multi-disciplinary researcher and member of Near Future Laboratory talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović about Speculative Design today.

Martin Avila: Speculating is a duty rather than a privilege

The designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack in Stockholm talks with Ivica Mitrović and James Auger about the state of Speculative Design.

Matt Malpass: Critical practice should always challenge disciplinary hegemony

Author of “Critical Design in Context: History, Theory, and Practice” and educator at Central Saint Martins talks with Ivica Mitrović and James Auger about Speculative Design today.

Daniel Kaplan: Design is a powerful way of mobilising and rejuvenating imaginaries

James Auger talks with Daniel Kaplan, French futurist and entrepreneur, about his new Plurality University initiative and design’s relation to future imaginaries.

Superflux: Tools and methods for making change

Anab Jain and Jon Ardern of Superflux (“a studio for the rapidly changing world”) talk to James Auger about their approach, their recent projects, and their educational activities.

Oleg Šuran: Design is speculative as an investigation during your work process

A chat with SpeculativeEdu team member and Speculative Design practitioner, Oleg Šuran by Petra Bertalanič and Sara Božanić (ITD).

Ivica Mitrović: It’s still possible to act to influence our future(s)

A talk with SpeculativeEdu coordinator, Ivica Mitrović by Petra Bertalanič and Sara Božanić (ITD). Read his thoughts and opinions on Speculative Design practice in educational environments today.