Case Studies

Case Study: Back From The Future

Large scale participatory futures research project by ouishare dealing with urban futures.

Case Study: Supervised Machine Learning Trainer 3607A

Student project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design dealing with the future of work.

Case Study: Imagine Future of Jobs

A masters research project dealing with the design of a learning experience about the speculative future of jobs for the next generation.

Case Study: From Fiction to Action — Design in a state of exception

Classroom project experience from the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.

Case Study: From A to B: Hands-on Speculative Design

“Critical & Speculative Design” course experience from IDC Herzliya’s Human-Computer Interaction MA program.

Case Study: Communicative Machines Speculating on Death

Classroom projects speculating on the theme of “death” from the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Case Study: Technologies of Human Waste 

Karey Helms creates a speculative space to explore designing with intimate and somatic data.

Case Study: Peek, a game for future storytelling

A collaborative, speculative storytelling game by Evan Raskob.

Case Study: Equine Eyes

A speculative project by Alan Hook dealing with the inter-species connections via a set of design prototypes.

Case Study: Designing an Internet for Dogs

Andrés Lucero and Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas (Aalto University) present a speculative co-design workshop aimed to critically probe what it would mean to be a dog on the internet.

Case Study: Plasticful Foods

An interdisciplinary speculative project developed for the University of Amsterdam and Hogeschool Amsterdam’s “New Waste Vision”.

Case Study: Circular Geology

A Speculative Design student project about the human impact on Earth by Pauline Alt.

Case Study: Evolving In Vitro

A student project at Holon Institute of Technology, Israel dealing with cultured meat.

Case Study: Pink Chicken Project

Colouring all chickens pink with a CRISPR gene drive and re-occupying the rock strata by Nonhuman Nonsense.

Case Study: Speculative Development of Bratislava

Speculative projects dealing critically with urban development in Bratislava by Lenka Hamosova.

Call for Case studies! (CLOSED)

SpeculativeEdu open call for contributions of exemplary practices.

Case Study: Black Future Heritage Spaces

Ladipo Famodu, a SpeculativeEdu workshops participant, describes the outcomes of a workshop he led recently based on his experiences in Maribor and Rome.