Disco school: Reimagining the future of Murska Sobota

A semi-fictional town plan co-created by renowned creatives and the children from Murska Sobota.

Max Mollon: Let’s move beyond the limits of critical, speculative and fictional design

James Auger and Ivica Mitrović talk with Max Mollon, organizer of Parisian speculation, design and debate communities about his research in designing for debate.

Call: Speculative and Critical Design: approaches and influences in education

Call for submissions to IxD&A (Interaction Design and Architecture (s)) Journal

Case Study: Imagine Future of Jobs

A masters research project dealing with the design of a learning experience about the speculative future of jobs for the next generation.

Beyond Speculative Design: Past – Present – Future

The book is the main outcome of SpeculativeEdu project and represents a comprehensive reflection on our work within the project.

Beyond Speculative Design: Past – Present – Future (ONLINE)

“Now we are interested in how fictions and speculations can inform or drive social change”.
—Jimmy Loizeau, SpeculativeEdu project partner

Dash N’ Dem: Speculative Design needs to become more accessible

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Dash Macdonald and his partner Demitrios Kargotis on the importance of critical thinking and design activism.

Speculative Futures: an online discussion about Speculative Design practices

A Speculative Design discussion from the perspective of the SpeculativeEdu community, Wednesday, 3 March at 18:00 (CET).

NeoRural Futures Summer School MONOGRAPH

Our Italian project partner HER has published a documented case history of the SpeculativeEdu NeoRural Futures Summer School from 2019.

Sohail Inayatullah: We see the future as a learning journey, not as a site of prediction

Sara Božanić talks with Professor Sohail Inayatullah on the methods and the importance of futures oriented education and practice.

Phil Balagtas: Speculation has never been more alive

Ivica Mitrović talks with the founder of The Design Futures Initiative, home of the Speculative Futures meetups and PRIMER conferences.

Ingi Helgason: Speculative Design is being integrated into education in diverse ways

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Ingi Helgason about Speculative Design in research and education.

Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico: We’ve transformed ourselves into a Speculative Design project

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team members Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico about the state of Speculative Design in Italy.


Kick-Off OCT 2018

Future Friends Speculative design conference, Maribor/Slovenia 14–18 APR 2019

Speculative design workshop, Rome/Italy 2–6 SEP 2019

SpeculativeEdu Final Event: Reclaim the Future, Split/Croatia (TBD)