Francisco Laranjo: We don’t need Speculative Design education, just better design education

Francisco Laranjo, editor of the design criticism journal Modes of Criticism, reflects on Speculative Design practice.

Enrique Encinas: Criticism has been a very constructive force for Speculative Design

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Enrique Encinas on the methods, tools and education in Speculative Design.

Case Study: From A to B: Hands-on Speculative Design

“Critical & Speculative Design” course experience from IDC Herzliya’s Human-Computer Interaction MA program.

Julian Hanna: Manifestos are also critiques of the present

Sara Božanić talks with SpeculativeEdu team member Julian Hanna about manifesto writing, crossing disciplinary boundaries, and Speculative Design.

Case Study: Back From The Future

Large scale participatory futures research project by ouishare dealing with urban futures.

Case Study: Supervised Machine Learning Trainer 3607A

Student project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design dealing with the future of work.

Case Study: From Fiction to Action — Design in a state of exception

Classroom project experience from the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.

Case Study: Communicative Machines Speculating on Death

Classroom projects speculating on the theme of “death” from the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Case Study: Technologies of Human Waste 

Karey Helms creates a speculative space to explore designing with intimate and somatic data.

Interview: Nik Baerten

Nik Baerten, co-founder of the Antwerp-based foresight and design studio Pantopicon: “sometimes the speculative simply gives birth to the real.”

Case Study: Peek, a game for future storytelling

A collaborative, speculative storytelling game by Evan Raskob.

Case Study: Equine Eyes

A speculative project by Alan Hook dealing with the inter-species connections via a set of design prototypes.


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