Case Study: Pink Chicken Project

Colouring all chickens pink with a CRISPR gene drive and re-occupying the rock strata by Nonhuman Nonsense.

SpeculativeEdu Final Event: Reclaim the Future

The final event of the SpeculativeEdu project will take place at the Arts Academy in Split, on the Adriatic coast, from 7 to 13 September 2020.

Call for Case studies!

SpeculativeEdu open call for contributions of exemplary practices.

Speculative Design education in Europe SURVEY

Are you a design educator in Europe? Do you use speculation about possible futures in your design education? Please participate in our survey on the current and future state of Speculative Design education in Europe.

Interview: Design Friction

Léa, Estelle and Bastien from France based design practice Design Friction: “Practising this type of design is always political”.

Interview: Hyphen-Labs

Carmen and Ece from Hyphen-Labs, an international collective working at the intersection of technology, art, science, and the future: “Speculative Design moves away from a ‘one size fits all’ design school model.”

Case Study: Speculative Development of Bratislava

Speculative projects dealing critically with urban development in Bratislava by Lenka Hamosova.

Matt Ward: All design is speculative

Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič talk with SpeculativeEdu partner Matt Ward about Speculative Design education and the SpeculativeEdu project.

Interview: Petra Lilja

Swedish industrial designer and curator: “designers need to start dealing with other temporalities than those of shortsightedness linked to over-consumerism”.

James Auger: Design essentially needs a revolution

A talk with James Auger on the importance of Speculative Design practice and ways of moving it beyond educational environments and galleries with Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič.

Scott Smith: The best way to deal with grim futures is to stare them in the face

Julian Hanna talks with Scott Smith, futurist and founder of Changeist.

Michael Smyth: Our challenge is to convey passion through the materials we produce

A talk with SpeculativeEdu partner Michael Smyth with Sara Božanić and Petra Bertalanič on key challenges and benefits of Speculative Design practice.

Interview: Theo Ploeg

Design and media sociologist from Heerlen: “Speculative Design should be able to translate possible futures to the now”.


Kick-Off OCT 2018

Future Friends Speculative design conference, Maribor/Slovenia 14–18 APR 2019

Speculative design workshop, Rome/Italy 2–6 SEP 2019

SpeculativeEdu Final Event: Reclaim the Future, Split/Croatia 7–13 SEP 2020