Dunne & Raby: Designers need to recognise their limitations and work with them

James Auger in conversation with Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, pioneers of Critical Design.

Cameron Tonkinwise: Creating visions of futures must involve thinking through the complexities

James Auger talks with Cameron Tonkinwise, one of Speculative and Critical Design’s fiercest and most insightful critics, about future paths of the approach.

Benedikt Groß: Speculative and Critical Design were always kind of an outside position

“Antidisciplinary” Speculative and Computational Designer from Germany talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović.

Interview: Fara Peluso

Italian artist/designer based in Berlin: “Speculative Design is a great learning tool which analyses and studies our society”.

Interview: automato.farm

International design and research group based in Shanghai: “we never really labelled our work “speculative”, but probably it partially is.”

Tobias Revell: Speculative Design has become separated from its critical origins

The artist, designer and educator at London College of Communication talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović about Speculative Design.

Interview: circumflex.studio

Speculative Design practitioners – Michaela and Konstantin from Basel-based circumflex.studio: “Speculative Design should be an informed projection that brings into question the reality we ground this projection on.

Interview: Tina Gorjanc

Speculative Design practitioners – Tina Gorjanc (Slovenia/UK): Investigating the consumer vs. citizen paradox present in each individual.

Jan Boelen: Formulated and decontextualized futures can become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Artistic director of Z33 House for Contemporary Art and educator at Design Academy Eindhoven talks with James Auger about the state of Speculative Design.

Nicolas Nova: We are interested in mundane situations to express futures

The multi-disciplinary researcher and member of Near Future Laboratory talks with James Auger and Ivica Mitrović about Speculative Design today.

Martin Avila: Speculating is a duty rather than a privilege

The designer, researcher and Professor of Design at Konstfack in Stockholm talks with Ivica Mitrović and James Auger about the state of Speculative Design.

Interview: Susana Soares

Speculative Design practitioners – Susana Soares (Portugal/UK): Technologically Fluent Citizen, towards a critical technological fluency via speculative practice.

Interview: The Constitute

Speculative Design practitioners – The Constitute (Germany): The workshop is still the centre of the our studio.

Matt Malpass: Critical practice should always challenge disciplinary hegemony

Author of “Critical Design in Context: History, Theory, and Practice” and educator at Central Saint Martins talks with Ivica Mitrović and James Auger about Speculative Design today.

Interview: Markéta Dolejšová

Speculative Design practitioners – Markéta Dolejšová: Our aim is to shift the “Bohemian Speculative Design” from its current non-quite-yet state towards a real thing.

Interview: Nonhuman Nonsense

Speculative Design practitioners – Nonhuman Nonsense: Working in the embryonic stages of system transformation, in the realm of social dreaming and world-making.

Interview: Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina

Speculative Design practitioners – Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina (London): Exploring ways to democratise the narratives that make up tomorrow’s visions.

Interview: Time’s Up – Laboratory for the Construction of Experimental Situations

A series of interviews with Speculative Design practitioners: Time’s Up, Austria.

Daniel Kaplan: Design is a powerful way of mobilising and rejuvenating imaginaries

James Auger talks with Daniel Kaplan, French futurist and entrepreneur, about his new Plurality University initiative and design’s relation to future imaginaries.

Superflux: Tools and methods for making change

Anab Jain and Jon Ardern of Superflux (“a studio for the rapidly changing world”) talk to James Auger about their approach, their recent projects, and their educational activities.

Oleg Šuran: Design is speculative as an investigation during your work process

A chat with SpeculativeEdu team member and Speculative Design practitioner, Oleg Šuran by Petra Bertalanič and Sara Božanić (ITD).

Ivica Mitrović: It’s still possible to act to influence our future(s)

A talk with SpeculativeEdu coordinator, Ivica Mitrović by Petra Bertalanič and Sara Božanić (ITD). Read his thoughts and opinions on Speculative Design practice in educational environments today.