Other Worlds

The first in a series of historical fragments for Speculative Design by James Auger, Michael Smyth, Ingi Helgason and Julian Hanna.

Cameron Tonkinwise: Creating visions of futures must involve thinking through the complexities

James Auger talks with Cameron Tonkinwise, one of Speculative and Critical Design’s fiercest and most insightful critics, about future paths of the approach.

SpeculativeEdu Survey: first indications

Ingi Helgason sums up early indications from our SpeculativeEdu survey on the Speculative Design education landscape.

Approaches, methods and tools for Speculative Design

A look into Speculative Design approaches, methods and tools and introduction to the building of the online repository by Salvatore Iaconesi.

The relational ecosystems of Speculative Design (update)

Salvatore Iaconesi continues to collect data from social networks, in order to understand how actions of the SpeculativeEdu project were having effects that reached beyond our closest relational circles.

A Kick-Off Discussion About the State of Speculative Design

An excerpt of a discussion about the state of Speculative Design practice from the view of project partners, held at the project kick-off at The Museum of Fine Arts in Split on 22 October 2018.

Speculative Design ecosystem (via social networks)

A brief inquiry of the Speculative Design ecosystem using social networks by Salvatore Iaconesi.

Deep dive into the state of design practice today

Read the interviews with acclaimed international practitioners and experts.